Friday, January 2, 2009

laugter: the best medicine

With all the problems we come to face every single minute of our existence, we should forget about self deprivation. hello people! we all need a break, for pete's sake! yourself a chance to enjoy sometime is not punishable by law(hahahaha..silly statement)..anyway,
"laughing is the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy" does not only relieve stress but is also very good to your health..
yes! read it right..It's so so good for and your figure! Do you know that laughing causes you to burn alot of calories?!
(i don't know how much in exact) should include it in your "slimming" routine(is there such term?!)..
It prevents aging also(your natural anti-aging regiment)..haha..just a tip folks!..
Well, anyway so much for my longest introduction...
What i'd like to share to you is about my best laughing moments for the day..haha..such a long intro huh?!..To tell you guys and gals, I just had a movie date with my friends today.. And damn!..I'd enjoyed the movie alot.Although I also enjoyed that movie date with my mom, beforehand.But what we've watch is a love story..not comedic..ahahah..So going back, I'd like to give extra credits to starcinema for that(applause!applause!)..the movie "Tanging Ina 2" really got me off my seat due to excessive laughter(almost!literally!)..I can still remember the funniest scene(the lobo stunt scene), and can't help myself from laughing until now..if you'll consider the calories I'd burn for that?!..Huh!can't imagine..Alot I'm sure!..Spoofs from different movies and commercials; and the "sayings",hahaha it's funny really.. oh well I know some would say it's not, shallow i would be, but i did had a great fun..haha it seems that this post should be a movie review perhaps..I could also give into account that my friends were also a great part of that enjoyable moments..not just the movie know,it's easier to laugh your heart out if your with those
persons who can laugh with you
..huh!senti...i missed them so pays much more spending time with them than spending time alone..quality time it is!..sulit every second..
I can say, I'm very well right at this moment..I forgot all my worries just now..and it feels good and so gaan the feeling(like the shampoo commercial before?!)..Laughter really is the best medicine..and guys!..take note,it's free. no need to spend a single amount of centavo. So HAVE A BREAK!..LAUGH ALOT..starts when?..Could be NOW!!..^_^

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