Thursday, January 1, 2009

my christmas break^_^

How's your Christmas everyone???

Are your hands still complete??

How's your regalo?happy??

How's the party??! Fun??

mine were:

fine..pretty much the same(hmmm)...NOpe I guess it's better this time
well i don't know..I missed my kuya! this is my first christmas spent without him..

my regalo received??hmmmm...nothing has change..hahahaha
i'm thankfull anyway!..Tnx to them!(O_~)

the party???...whooah..amazing!!
sooooooooo much fun!!!
puked alot...hhahhah
just joking folks(am i?)hahaha..just read between the lines...
it doesn't take a genius to understand what i mean, right??
oh well..
damn! i missed my cousins sooooo much!!

there were alot of changes I guess...
specially their HEIGHT!!(taking into account that I'm the tallest now!) ~i mean it sarcastically~
duh!..there's nothing i could do about it right??

not unless i'll have a leg EXTENDER(expensive!!!and the risk??! )
NO THANKS!..I'm happy^_^

REASONS WHY my xmas break's so full of FUN:
  • the FOOD - whooah! I wish it's christmas everyday...hehehe..yum-MY!..good thing my family's sperb in cooking!(naks naman!)
  • my cousins and pamangkins - wow! they're adorable!! I missed them soooo much..It's been a while since we saw each other and talk for pete's sake!
  • my friends - wonder why??oh well we did have some pre&post-christmas get together..gosh!...there's never been enough time for all the talking...I missed them so sooooooooooo much!!^_^
  • family - my parents, aunts and uncles and!..simply the best!
at home with my cousins^_^

with cousins sa farm(xmas party)..

at durian garden atbp. after the party^_^

(L-R)mommy(tita q xa actually), mama, me, rea, and kuya rk^_^

with classmates from elementary..whooah!..LoOk us at nOw!^_^

highschool klasmeyts..I missed them soooobra!!^_^

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